Suspect, 26, ‘pushed a man, 34, off a bridge to his death for making a lewd remark about his girlfriend’

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A suspect and his sweetheart have been captured in the passing of a man who dove to his demise off of a scaffold.

Cecil Thomas Rice, 26, was accused of ponder crime in the Wednesday passing of Anthony Walthers, 34, who was seen falling into the Flathead Stream in Kalispell, Montana.

Walthers’ body has not been recuperated, but rather he is assumed dead in the wake of being seen sinking beneath the stream’s cold current.

Prior that day, Walthers experienced Rice’s better half, 25-year-old Heather Bliss Meeker, at a congregation that offers suppers to the destitute, where he made an unseemly comment about the young lady, the Flathead Beacon reports.

Both the couple and Walthers were homeless people, police said.

Around 7pm on Wednesday, a lady angling close to the Old Steel Scaffold heard a sprinkle and saw a man, accepted to be Walthers, battling in the water and calling for help, police said.

Another witness saw the man glide a few hundred yards down the stream before his head dip under the water, police said.

Witnesses said they saw a man and lady on the extension, later recognized as Rice and Meeker, alongside a third man who is not viewed as a suspect.

The three figures on the extension bounced in a maroon van and hurried away, yet not before Meeker hurled a backback having a place with Walthers from the scaffold, police assert.

Meeker has been accused of confirmation altering for the situation.

A witness who was on the scaffold said Rice pushed Walthers into the stream, as indicated by police.

Rice is being held in the Flathead Region Detainment Focus on $500,000 safeguard. Meeker is being hung on $50,000 safeguard.

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