Police under fire for cellphone footage showing officers forcibly removing an elderly woman from train station seat

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Police have experienced harsh criticism for cellphone film that shows officers coercively expelling an elderly lady from a prepare station situate.

The 76-year-old lady was sitting in the held seating territory at Union Station in Los Angeles this week when two sheriff’s agents requested that her turn.

Film of the occurrence, which was shot by the lady’s companion and acquired by CBS, demonstrates the elderly lady approaching officers for her stick so she can stand.

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‘I will give you your stick once you stand up,’ the officer can be heard saying.

The lady responded: ‘No, give me my stick so I can hold up.’

At the point when the lady declined to stand, one of the officers could be seen driving her head down as they attempted to capture her.

She could be heard shouting: ‘You are harming me’ and ‘stop, stop!’.

The 76-year-old was in the end captured however has since been discharged from imprison.

Experts say despite everything she may confront charges for impeding an officer.

The sheriff’s area of expertise said they would survey the cellphone film to check whether sensible drive was utilized.

The lady’s companion said she regularly say in the held area of the prepare station and hadn’t been made a request to move some time recently.

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