Thug punched a man in the face before strolling away smoking a cigar leaving his victim to face three months in hospital

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A stogie smoking hooligan punched a man so hard in the face that he burned through three months in healing facility – before walking ceaselessly smoking a Winston Churchill-style stogie.

Jeremy Potter, 44, was out with his better half when a bare man in his 40s meandered out of an accommodation store and found his sweetheart.

The whiskery man, who was smoking a stogie, declined to apologize to the combine and after a snapshot of belligerence punched Mr Potter in the face, shattering his jaw and for all time distorting him.

He remained for four days at an east London healing facility where he got escalated surgery to his jaw which required two metal plates and reconstructive surgery, however was not released for three months.

Mr Potter stated: ‘I was simply doing what I thought was appropriate by requesting a conciliatory sentiment for my better half and subsequently I have a forever distorted jaw and am coming to terms with existence without feeling in my lower confront.’

Mr Potter, from Islington, north London, endured changeless nerve harm which may bring about perpetual loss of feeling chasing after the assault at 9.10pm in Block Path, east London on November 1 a year ago.

Police are presently chasing the 5foot 10inches tall aggressor, who has a bare head with short dark colored hair on the sides and a darker facial hair.

He was wearing vast dark rimmed glasses, a dim coat over a red best, beige pants and darker shoes and conveying a white shopping sack named ‘Religion’.

Criminologist Constable Lydia Stephens, examining officer from Tower Villas CID, stated: ‘This was a vicious and unmerited assault amidst a bustling road. The casualty was truly harmed and his wounds are probably going to affect him for whatever remains of his life.

‘On the off chance that you perceive the man in this recording, I ask you to get in contact with us.’

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