Melbourne faces Middle Eastern gang war: Teens, 16 and 18, shot in the legs in ‘targeted hit’ refuse to help police – after man linked to underworld figures was executed in the same suburb

There are fears Melbourne is on the precarious edge of a full-scale gangland war after the second shooting in Roxburgh Stop this week. Two young people were hurried to clinic in the early hours of Friday morning after numerous shots were discharged on Orion Way. The 16 and 18-year-old young people were shot in the leg […]

Brooklyn dog owners refuse to vaccinate their pets because they fear shots will give them AUTISM

Some canine proprietors are declining to immunize their pooches out of dread they will create extreme introvertedness. Veterinarians in Brooklyn, New York have announced an expanding number of hostile to vaxxer pet proprietors who say they are stressed the inoculations will hurt their puppies. ‘We do see a higher number of customers who would prefer […]