Melbourne faces Middle Eastern gang war: Teens, 16 and 18, shot in the legs in ‘targeted hit’ refuse to help police – after man linked to underworld figures was executed in the same suburb

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There are fears Melbourne is on the precarious edge of a full-scale gangland war after the second shooting in Roxburgh Stop this week.

Two young people were hurried to clinic in the early hours of Friday morning after numerous shots were discharged on Orion Way.

The 16 and 18-year-old young people were shot in the leg and two others were was bashed in a similar suburb where another man was shot dead on Wednesday.

The adolescents were hit with various shots at 2.30am preceding they were raced to doctor’s facility.

Two 20-year-old men were additionally found with ‘limit constrain injury’ wounds, police said.

Analyst Acting Reviewer Stamp Burnett said two gatherings of men met in the road and had a contention before the shots were discharged.

‘The casualties are not participating with police because of their apparent feelings of dread of conceivable reprisal,’ Mr Burnett said.

It’s trusted that the men were from match Center Eastern groups.

Roxburgh Stop inhabitants fear the shooting may have been a payback assault following a 21-year-old man was shot dead only three kilometers away two days sooner.

‘I’m alarmed for my family… I’m really stunned there’s another shooting,’ a witness revealed to Seven News on Friday.

‘I’m terrified for my family,’ another nearby inhabitant revealed to Nine News.

‘It’s a peaceful neighborhood… these things never occur around here.’

Anwar Teriaki, 21, was shot dead soon after 12 pm on Coronet Road on Wednesday after a quarrel between a gathering of men.

Mr Teriaki was purportedly accepted to be a partner of the Tiba wrongdoing family.

The Tibas have been connected to no less than six Melbourne shooting since last September, as per The Age.

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