Grandma from Australia’s Centrelink capital uncovers how she dobbed in dole bludging relative

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A grandma has uncovered how she dobbed in her ice dependent relative as a Centrelink welfare swindle what’s more, how it turned their life around.
Jenana, from Werribee in Melbourne’s south-west, said that the relative had been on a single parent installment at the point when they ought to not have been.
‘The family part was an ice addict, they’re presently working full time, been sent to America … they changed their lives,’ she told A Current Affair.
Werribee has move toward becoming the center of a new Australian Government Police operation focusing on welfare cheats with officers going so far as to set up stands in shopping centres.
‘We go into a specific region what’s more, have deliberate consistence action to make beyond any doubt those profiting from our extremely liberal framework in Australia are doing the right thing,’ Serve for Human Administrations Michael Keenan said.
Operation Honesty moreover includes the AFP setting up in Werribee what’s more, Daylight Centrelink workplaces where they are empowering the open to come forward with data about fraudsters.
Local MP Joanne Ryan has said the Government ought to be working on work creation Or maybe than painting certain ranges as welfare cheats.
Daily Mail Australia has reached the Australian Government Police about the kiosks.

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